The Secret Ingredients

cropped-img_1659.jpgIts true.  What’s on the inside counts. That’s why our Balsamic Bliss is so heavenly.  We use only the “freshly picked that morning” Basil  from Summerland,  overlooking  Okanagan lake.


Full grown Adult Basil

Red Russian Garlic from Keremeos is our next secret ingredient. It is nothing like the garlic you may be familiar with that comes from China or California.  This garlic is crunchy, sweet and sticky and is aromatic and smooth with no bitter overtones.  It is magic in our Garlic & Herb Balsamic Bliss.

Then for our Hot Habanero Balsamic Bliss, these little nuggets of orange gold that they pick at their optimum flavour and color give us the sweet heat that Habanero Peppers are world known for.

These are ready for my Hot Habanero Balsamic Bliss

These are ready for my Hot Habanero Balsamic Bliss

It’s a real treat visiting their pepper plantation and then coming home with the bounty of fresh Okanagan grown herbs and vegetables that make my Balsamic Bliss so amazing.

Using REAL food, and not artificial flavours, is part of the secret.  The other is NO SUGAR ADDED! Using only beautiful dark barrel aged Modena Balsamic that has slowly matured, thickened and sweetened with time, is my other big secret to the Balsamic Bliss. The result is a labour of love, time, and some patience, to create a Balsamic that is so different and delicious we say “Its simply BLISS”.


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